News in Pictures

March 24, 2018

What does Russia, Ghana, and the United States have in common? Well, all three countries are in our News in Pictures series this week!

Six More Years

via @Wikimedia Commons By Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0

Vladamir Putin won yet another election, extending his leadership of Russia by six more years. He has already been in power for almost twenty-five years! Even though he won the election by a huge majority, some consider the election a ‘sham’ because the opposition leader was not even allowed to compete.

Happy Birthday, Ruth Ginsburg!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned eighty-five this week and is as fierce as ever! Most Supreme Court justices are not very public, but Justice Ginsburg has been very active visiting college campuses, participating in public forums, and speaking her mind! Oh, and the documentary RGB, which explores Ginsburg’s fascinating life and career, will be released later this year!

Rising Japanese Star at Indian Wells

Via Wikimedia Commons, By si.robi – Osaka US16 (17), CC BY-SA 2.0

Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player, won the Indian Wells Tournament, earning her the 21st place in worldwide ranking. This was her first tournament win, and when accepting her award, she said, “This is probably going to be like the worst acceptance speech of all-time.” In the men’s finals, Juan Marin Del Portro from Argentina won against the crowd favorite Roger Federer.

Computing Without Computers

images via @appiah

You probably know at least a little about coding, and that an important part of coding is a computer, right? Well, even though his school lacked resources, Richard Appiah Akoto, a teacher in Ghana, taught his students to code by writing out the steps on a blackboard! The story went viral on social media and caught the attention of Microsoft, the giant technology company, who is now helping out the teacher by donating resources!

March Madness

Basketball season is in full swing, and March Madness brackets are filling in! The Sweet 16 schedule (or the schedule for the top sixteen teams) is set, and the championship game will be April 2nd. Are you rooting for a favorite team? Send editor@xyzanews.com your bracket sheet or the name of the team you want to win this year!