Game Over For MariCar? Oct 19, 2018

It looks like it’s officially “Game Over!” for Mari Mobility Development, the company that lets tourists ride around Tokyo in go-karts dressed a

Who Is The Mastermind Behind Microsoft? Oct 19, 2018

If you guessed Bill Gates, you’re correct, but Microsoft’s first few years, which helped bring computers to common people (yes, the idea was revol

Nobel Prize Fun Facts Oct 12, 2018

What have you done to benefit humankind? That’s the question that the Nobel Prize selection committees ask themselves when selecting the recipients

We’re Open For Business Oct 12, 2018

Do your parents go to a store to buy toys or do they buy them online? If we asked this question twenty years ago, the answer would most likely be that

Elections Part 3: Who Will Reign Supreme? Oct 12, 2018

This week, we continue our conversation about the elections and their connection with the US Supreme Court. If you haven’t heard already, Brett Kava

Taylor Swift Is Taking Sides Oct 12, 2018

What’s the point of being famous if you can’t use it to do some good, right? Well, many artists do exactly that: They take a stand for what they b

The Catalan Fight, A Year Later Oct 05, 2018

If you’re unfamiliar with the Catalonian fight for independence, here’s a quick recap. A year ago, the people of Catalonia, a region in northeaste

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