World’s Oldest Woman Dies Aug 09, 2018

How old is old? At Xyza, we believe that age is just a number, but can you imagine living until you’re 117 years old? Miyako Chiyo was born on May 2

Comic-Con Report Aug 04, 2018

The yearly celebration of all things comics, superheroes, and more took place in San Diego, California, in July. Every year, comic fans turn up to hea

No Stamp Of Approval! Aug 03, 2018

A certain lady has made quite a bit of noise recently. Lady Liberty, or the Statue of Liberty, is a very popular monument that has been greeting milli

No Free Food For You! Aug 09, 2018

Companies around the Bay Area have been offering employees free lunches and other meals as an incentive to … well … work for them. It seems like t

What It Means To Lose Jul 27, 2018

Earlier this month, tennis fans everywhere gathered to watch the Wimbledon finals, one of the most well-known professional tennis matches in the world

Newborn Tamarins Live A Dangerous Life Jul 27, 2018

We love a good animal conservation story, don’t you? Golden lion tamarins, which are actually a type of monkey, were declared endangered in the coun

It All Started With Newspapers Jul 27, 2018

Each July in Europe, the most prestigious biking tournament takes place. Can you guess which one it is? If you guessed Tour de France, you’re right!

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