Junior Reporter Call Out!
Junior Reporter Call Out: What Makes You Happy? Mar 16, 2018

Did you know there can be a day for pretty much anything? “National Ice-Cream Day” is the third Sunday each July, and “National Friendship Day

Can Art Get You in Trouble? Mar 16, 2018

You are probably familiar with comic books. They’re usually funny and artistic, and they can tell amazing stories. Now what if cartoons did a little

And You Thought It Was Just Torn Jeans! Mar 09, 2018

Quick—how many people around you are wearing something made of denim? Probably quite a few. Denim is one of the most popular types of cloth used to

Can Animals Get Homesick? Mar 09, 2018

The answer: absolutely. Similar to humans, animals can get homesick. Humans can feel sad and express a yearning to go home. Animals, on the other hand

Junior Reporter Stories
Junior Reporter: The Story of Capri Everitt Mar 09, 2018

Junior Reporter Siona M. visited the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival. She watched a movie about Capri Everitt, titled “A

Back to School We Go! Mar 09, 2018

No, this is not about going back to school after winter or spring break. Teachers in West Virginia were on strike for almost two weeks demanding highe

Elephants are No Longer Banned Mar 09, 2018

Did you know that the African elephant is the largest land animal in the world? Millions of elephants once roamed Africa and Asia, but after hunters b

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