Nobel Prize Fun Facts Oct 12, 2018

What have you done to benefit humankind? That’s the question that the Nobel Prize selection committees ask themselves when selecting the recipients

Red Phone Booths: Icons Or Eyesores? Oct 05, 2018

Ask anyone to name an iconic image of London, England, and they might say Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, or the red phone booth. A relic of the past, the

Earthquake, Tsunami, And Fake News? Oct 05, 2018

First came an earthquake—a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Indonesia on September 28th, destroying homes and neighborhoods across the city of Palu

We’re Open For Business Oct 12, 2018

Do your parents go to a store to buy toys or do they buy them online? If we asked this question twenty years ago, the answer would most likely be that

The Catalan Fight, A Year Later Oct 05, 2018

If you’re unfamiliar with the Catalonian fight for independence, here’s a quick recap. A year ago, the people of Catalonia, a region in northeaste

Election Series Part 2: Why All The Swinging? Oct 05, 2018

Part 2: Why Do Swing States Matter? Last week, we asked the question: Why should you care about the midterm elections? The reason? Because whoever’

The Little Rovers That Could Oct 05, 2018

Two little rovers just did something pretty incredible: They landed on an asteroid and sent pictures of their initial exploration back to Earth. Amazi

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