I’m Done! Sep 21, 2018

It’s NFL season, and talk about the wins and losses of weekly games is no surprise. What is surprising is when a player quits football altogether in

Got EGOT? Sep 15, 2018

Ever watch a TV show and think to yourself, “That show is awesome and deserves an award”? Well, every year for the last sixty-nine years, the Tele

Dress Codes For Girls Sep 07, 2018

Girls and dress codes have often been in the news. Schools sometimes issue dress codes for students (no flip flops! no hoodies!) that aren’t exa

Who Is Jebi? Sep 07, 2018
Our Fav Words Are So Adorbs! Sep 15, 2018

It’s that time of year again! No, we’re not talking about the start of a brand new school year (we talked about that already!) or about the return

United States
Remembering Heroes Sep 15, 2018

This week, Americans remembered what happened seventeen years ago on September 11th. Terrorists took over four commercial airplanes and flew two into

Tennis Is Out Of This World Sep 07, 2018

Astronauts have been having a little bit of fun in space lately. After all, it can’t be all space work all the time, right? Well, astronauts do

Prisoner Strike Sep 07, 2018

Events around the world have shown that when people are unhappy, they fight against systems in many ways, but how do they go about protesting? Well, a

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