Big Reputation, Big Sales Jan 11, 2018

Historically, musicians have sold albums. Whether LP records, cassette tapes, or CDs, the number of units sold indicated if the albums were a top hit.

Junior Reporter Stories
Junior Reporter: An Interview with Misty Copeland Jan 11, 2018

Thanks to our friends at City Arts & Lectures, Xyza Junior Reporter Vihaan U. had the opportunity to hear from Misty Copeland,  the first African

Turning “Not Fair” to “Fair” Dec 29, 2017

Many people talk about equality, but some actually take steps to ensure equality is achieved. Take the case of the Football Association of Norway, who

Can you Cheat at Scrabble? You Bet! Dec 22, 2017

  If you’ve ever played Scrabble, you might have been tempted to switch your “BKZIPQL” tiles for some that can actually spell a word. (Kudo

When in Doubt … Search! Dec 22, 2017

  How many times have you used Google to find the answer to a question? Pretty often, we bet. It’s true—Google is one of the most popular sea

#MeToo Dec 22, 2017

Every so often, a small protest turns into a big movement, sometimes bringing about change. In the past year, many women have bravely come forward to

A Chat Worth Reconsidering? Dec 14, 2017

Ever hear “Maybe when you’re older” from your parents? We’re pretty sure you have. Even if it’s super annoying (come on, hear us out!), the

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