How Is the World Responding to Refugees?

June 7, 2016

Europe: All Eyes are on You

All eyes are on Europe to see how they continue to respond to the arrival of refugees. Some countries are accepting all refugees, others are limiting the number of refugees they will accept, and some are refusing all refugees.

Support: Countries Respond

Each country is responding differently. Some countries are setting aside resources to help house, care for, and educate refugees (over 40% of refugees are children). Some countries are giving refugees permanent residency (meaning they can stay in the country for as long they want).

Olympics: Refugees have a Team

For the first time in Olympics history, refugees will compete in the Olympics as an official team. They will be called the “Refugee Olympic Athletes” and will carry the Olympics flag.

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is on June 20th. It was created to bring awareness to the global refugee situation. This year, the UN Refugee Agency (an organization that helps refugees) is focusing on encouraging countries to work together to help refugees.

The Kindness of One Person

12-year old Justin C. wrote a thank you letter to the captain who saved his mom when her boat was fleeing from Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He wanted people to know how much it meant to him that a stranger decided to save her from her war-torn country when others turned her away.