Ecuador Says Yes

June 23, 2019

Love is in the air! No, it’s not Valentine’s Day, but one community is feeling the love this month. Why? Earlier this month, Ecuador became the fifth South American country to legalize same-sex marriage when its constitutional court ruled that denying same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional. It’s a huge declaration for a country whose population is majority Catholic—a religion that hasn’t always supported the LGBTQ community. How did this decision even come about? It all started when two same-sex couples wanted to get married but were denied. That started a fight that ended with the highest courts in Ecuador siding with the couples and declaring that same-sex marriage should be legal. While Ecuador has recognized same-sex unions since 2015, these unions aren’t given the same legal rights as marriage. One big difference? Adoption. Couples who are married can adopt children, while couples who are in unions cannot. It has been a long fight, but the outcome couldn’t have come at a better time. June is pride month, after all, and fighting for equality is one of the reasons why pride month exists.