Baby Steps To Equality Around The World

February 18, 2020

Why Should Tweens & Teens Care About Something That Happened In Northern Ireland And Nepal?

The world is a work in progress and everything that happens now, no matter how big or small it may seem, is a building block for the future—your future. Serious stuff? Absolutely, but being in the know is better than being in the dark, amirite?

The Story:

via Pixabay

While the fight for equality continues around the world, small steps are being taken to change things from how they are to how they should be. In 2019, Northern Ireland became the last of the countries in the United Kingdom to legalize same-sex marriage. Earlier this month, the first same-sex couple was married in Northern Ireland. In Nepal, residents will have the option of declaring themselves female, male, or other gender in the next census. Why is this a step towards equality? Similar to other countries, Nepal conducts a census every ten years to learn more about its residents and to better allocate services and resources. With the option of selecting “other gender,” the government of Nepal is acknowledging the fact that the LGBTQ community exists and that resources should be allocated to this minority population. What are some of these resources? Discounted health care and access to schools.

It’s still a long road to equality, but it looks like things are slowly changing around the world.

What are some ways you’ve seen the world take steps toward equality?