2020 Census – A US Head Count

January 24, 2020

When you arrive at school, what happens? Your teacher takes attendance, right? Every day, teachers check to see who’s at school and who’s missing. Taking attendance is very similar to a census poll, but the census is on a much larger scale. Every ten years, the United States conducts a census, or a count of its residents. Why? For a number of different reasons. One reason is to help determine how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives; the greater the population, the more seats! It’s a massive undertaking that takes a lot of time and effort. After all, while most census information is collected via forms that are completed and mailed in, the rest is gathered by census workers who go from door to door to collect information. That’s why some census workers start very early in the year to collect data from remote locations that aren’t easily accessible. One place is Toksook Bay, a remote fishing village in Alaska, where members of the Nunakauyarmiut Tribe call home. Starting this month, the 2020 census will officially kick off in Toksook Bay, Alaska, with other states following in March. How many people call the United States home? We won’t know until the federal government releases this information at the end of the year, so sit tight!