Your Doll, Your Way

October 4, 2019
via @mattel.com
Mattel’s Creatable World™, a customizable doll line inviting all kids to play.

Have you ever played with a doll and thought Why doesn’t this doll look like me? or Why can’t this doll have short hair? Well, Mattel, a company that makes popular toys such as Barbie and American Girl dolls, is trying to address that exact problem. Last month, Mattel announced a new line of dolls called Creatable World. While traditional dolls come already assembled with a specific kind of hair, skin tone, and clothes, Creatable World dolls aren’t pre-assembled. In fact, Creatable World dolls come with different wigs, accessories, and clothing so that whoever is playing with them can decide what they will look like. After all, we’re all unique—dolls should be too. Cool idea, right? We think so. By creating these dolls, Mattel not only hopes to give kids the creative freedom to style their own dolls, but they also hope to send a larger message of inclusivity.

What would your doll look like?