You + Animal Emoji = Animoji. No, We’re Not Kidding.

September 16, 2017

It’s been ten years since the first iPhone was revealed and no one has looked back since. How did Apple commemorate this ten-year milestone? With a special edition iPhone, of course! It’s called iPhone X, and it not only looks nifty, but it can do some pretty neat things too.

First, let’s talk glass, glass, glass, baby! Unlike previous iPhones, glass will cover both the front and back sides of the the iPhone X, allowing it to magically charge wirelessly when placed on a special charging pad. Then there’s facial recognition. What’s that, you wonder? No need for a thumb or fingerprint to unlock your phone—the iPhone X will learn your face and allow only your face to unlock your phone.

There are other cool features like a larger screen, but you know what might be the absolute coolest new feature? Animojis! Ani-whats? An animoji is what Apple is calling their customizable animal emojis, or animal emojis that have your facial expressions. Love to wink? How about sending a friend a unicorn emoji who winks just like you do? Yup, on top of all that other stuff it can do, the iPhone X can also create animojis. Sweet, huh?