Xyza’s Tracking A Bill For Families

March 1, 2019

Maybe you remember this, or maybe you don’t … but in the first five years of your life, it’s possible that someone other than your parents took care of you. You might have gone to daycare when your parents were at work, or perhaps you had a babysitter when your parents went out. Plenty of families with two working parents need some sort of childcare before their kids are old enough for school.

But childcare is not exactly affordable in the United States. In fact, in more than half of the states, the cost of care for babies is almost as much as college tuition! So this month, we’re tracking a legislative bill aimed at lowering childcare costs. The Child Care for Working Families Act is trying to make childcare affordable for a second time. You see, this bill was first introduced in 2017 but didn’t pass through Congress. This time around, Senator Patty Murray, the author of the bill, is hoping things will be different!

If the bill passes and becomes law, parents won’t need to spend a significant portion of their income on childcare. It would help create affordable access to high-quality preschool programs, and just as importantly, it would provide training and benefits to childcare workers.

We’ll be tracking this bill at Xyza, and hey, maybe it’ll become a law before you become a grownup!