World Photography Contest

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Every year, Sony (an electronics company) and the World Photography Organization (an organization that brings photographers together) partner up to host the Sony World Photography Awards. This year marks the 10th year of competition and over a million entries since its inaugural (or first) competition held in 2007. Of those over 1 million, 227,596 entries from 183 countries came through this year! It’s no surprise then that this is called the “world’s largest photography competition.” Contestants can submit photos for one of four categories: professional, open, youth, and student focus. And yes, kids can enter too—there’s a category just for you!

The winners of each category will be judged by a special jury and announced on April 20th, but we can see some of the entries here.

Question: What do you think makes a great photograph? Is it excellent technical skill or how a photo is captured? Is it the subject of the photo? Or is it the story that is captured from the photo. Whatever the answer, a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think for a future Junior Reporter column! Check out the photographs and the story behind the clicks below!

Photographer Name: Camilo Diaz

Year: 2017

Image Description: Every day this team works together toward a collective goal. In this shot the Colombian national underwater rugby team is immersed in white, grey, and black, fighting together for the ultimate position. Ana Maria and her team are constantly fighting, pushing their lungs to the limit and transforming their everyday lack of resources into an idea of opportunity.

The strength of their reputation had resulted in an invitation to participate in the European Junior Championship as a guest team. It is in this scenario that the South American team is named Youth World Champions in Norway. The volume of water suggests a calm while the surface gives constant chaos.
Copyright: © Camilo Diaz, Colombia, 1st Place, Open, Motion, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Photographer Name: Majlend Bramo

Year: 2017

Image Description: Mumbai, India. Navjote of Zara. The Navjote is like a baptism, in this occasion the little Parsi becomes a full zoroastrian. A long cerimony is done and the child will receive the “Sudreh” (a shirt) and “Kushti”(a rope) that should wear everyday on.
Copyright: © Majlend Bramo, Italy, Shortlist, Professional, Daily Life, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Photographer Name: Asger Ladefoged

Year: 2017

Image Description: There is only one rule at Carl-Mar Møllers place: No shoes inside. So nobody interfered with the pillowfight in the dormitory. Everything was in play and all involved left the fight exhausted and smiling.
Copyright: © Asger Ladefoged, Denmark, Shortlist, Professional, Daily Life, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Photographer Name: Bella Wong

Year: 2017

Image Description: I took this photograph in November 2016, using back lighting to create a silhouette. I then used the photogram technique to create the image of the bottle and the wings, digitally combining the elements together.
Copyright: © Bella Wong, China, Shortlist, Youth, Beauty, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards