The World’s COVID-19 Report Card

December 4, 2020
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As we approach a whole year since COVID-19 hit our planet, let’s take a look at how the pandemic has been handled across the world.

Can Continuing As Usual Help?

Sweden was in the news early during the COVID-19 pandemic for choosing to continue with all activities and not imposing any shutdowns or curfews in the country. But today, Sweden is starting to set restrictions as they see the virus cases surge slowly yet steadily. Businesses have been told to close earlier and gatherings are now prohibited, but will people follow the rules after months of relaxed measures? Only time will tell.

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Can A Past Outbreak Help Another Virus Outbreak?

In countries within Africa, memories of a recent virus outbreak still persist. But that also means authorities are familiar with outbreaks and are quick to put measures in place to restrict the spread and trace the virus. For many African countries, the recent Ebola virus helped prepare authorities for yet another virus outbreak. While cases continue to fluctuate, countries in the region recorded less COVID-19 cases overall than the United States or other Western countries.

Can Closing Off Borders Help?

Countries like Singapore and Japan increased travel restrictions when COVID-19 cases spiked. With proper measures in place to keep residents safe, these countries are slowly yet cautiously opening up the country for increased travel.

Where Are COVID Cases Growing Steadily?

In countries like India, the United States, Brazil, and Argentina, COVID-19 cases continue to grow. While testing is available in these countries, they aren’t consistently enforced in all areas. Ease of travel and tracing measures mean that these countries are seeing a renewed spike in COVID-19 cases.

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What Does The Future Look Like?

While countries continue to try their best to contain the virus, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Several pharmaceutical companies have developed vaccines that seem to work. Now, it’s up to governments around the world to make sure that these vaccines are indeed safe. The United Kingdom has already approved the use of one vaccine, but distribution will still come in phases.