Women’s March 2020

January 21, 2020

If you participated in the Women’s March, you’re not alone—more than 200 cities around the world participated in the march this year! That’s right! Three years after the first march, women continue to fight for their rights, make their voices heard, and take a stand against injustice. Surprised? If you are, you shouldn’t be. After all, a wise woman named Maya Angelou once said, “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” We couldn’t agree more! That’s why there’s no better time than the present to share stories about how women around the world are fighting for each other’s rights. From women in Hollywood to women in sports, we’ll be highlighting how women are changing the way things are to the way things should be for women.

If you attended the Women’s March, share your story with us by sending photos of the march that you attended. Caption your photos and email them to editor@xyzanews.com.