Winter YOG

March 25, 2016

Did you see it?

Every four years, athletes from around the world gather to compete in either the Summer or Winter Olympic Games. But did you know that young athletes (youth ages 15- 18) also compete in their own Olympics every four years? Six years ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) established the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to build interest in sports and to provide an opportunity
for young people to learn about different cultures. During the games, young athletes compete in events and learn about different cultures through “Learn and Share” activities.

Last month, Norway hosted the second Winter YOG. Sjogg, a sporty-looking lynx that was the official mascot of the games, welcomed over 1,100 young athletes from 71 different countries to the games. For 10 days, young athletes wowed the world in 70 different events, twirling, jumping, skiing, boarding, skating, and racing their way to see who would win gold, silver, and bronze medals. Of the participating countries, Russia took home the most medals, followed by Germany and then Norway. Congratulations to all of the young athletes from around the world!

What is the Luge event in the Winter Youth Olympics?
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