Will These 2018 Trends Stick Around In 2019?

January 2, 2019

2018 was a year of games, slime, interesting vending machines, and paper—yes, we said paper! Will these trends stand the test of time or will we be talking about other trends in 2019? Check out what was trending in 2018 and decide for yourself!

Games, Games, And More Games:

Fortnite versus Roblox versus Minecraft: Which reigns supreme? Depends on which kid you’re asking! But no matter which game, millions and millions of kids decided that playing with each other—whether by building things or destroying zombies—was a great way to spend time with friends. After all, there’s truth to the saying, “If you build it (or destroy it in some cases!), they will come … ” and come they did. And if you don’t believe us, just take a look at some of the reports that our Junior Reporters shared after their visit to Roblox headquarters!


If slime shared the trend spotlight with the fidget spinner last year, it’s definitely not the case this year. Whether you’re a fan of the ooey-gooey substance or not, one thing’s for sure … slime is no longer just for sliming the winners at a kids’ award shows (we see you, Nickelodeon!), but it’s become an everyday toy, stress-reliever, craft, and even business venture for the budding entrepreneur.

Not-So-Ordinary Vending Machines:

If you thought vending machines were so old school, you might want to hold off on doing a combo facepalm and eye roll and check out some of the latest machines popping up in cities around the world. From vending machines serving up puffy vests at airports to steaming hot bowls of ramen at food courts, these simple machines have made a big comeback in a totally reimagined way.

Plain Old Paper:

While digital is popular, paper—yes, we said paper—might just be making a comeback! Nintendo’s popular handheld gaming device Switch created a game that allows players to use physical cardboard toys to interact with their digital games. We’d like to think that Xyza knew about this trend … oh, about two years ago when we started offering digital news as well as a monthly printed newspaper. Yeah, we know we’re pretty awesomesauce, but then again you knew that already because you’re pretty awesomesauce yourself for reading this right now!