Who Would You Call from the Moon?

March 9, 2018

No matter who you’d call, it wouldn’t be a cheap call, that’s for sure! This week, two companies, Vodaphone and Nokia, announced efforts to build a cellphone network on the moon in anticipation of the first private moon landing next year. It is, as one might imagine, not easy to build a cellphone network. Just ask the companies and governments trying to extend cellphone networks to remote parts of the world in deserts, jungles, and oceans. Transporting towers and equipment is not easy, and testing networks takes a tremendous amount of effort. If weather conditions are unstable, it can make the job even harder.

Now imagine the same difficulties…except outside the planet! These companies are taking on a big challenge, but if space is the next big frontier for humans to explore, Vodaphone and Nokia want to be there before everyone else.

But we can’t help but wonder … would we even call someone when we reached the moon? Or would we send a selfie instead?