Who Was Gwen Ifil?

November 21, 2016

A journalist is someone who reports on things that are happening around the world. But what makes a journalist groundbreaking? It’s someone who does more than just report the news. She is is fearless. She asks tough questions, pushes for the truth, deals with difficult topics, and challenges herself to do more. She produces work that stands out for both how well it is researched and presented. Gwen Ifill was a groundbreaking news journalist who did all of that and more. She was an extraordinary award-winning broadcast journalist (or someone who reports the news through things like television rather than a newspaper) who passed away last week from cancer. But if you asked anyone who knew her, even if it was through watching her on TV, they’d say that she was much, much more than just a journalist. Gwen Ifill was the first African-American woman to co-anchor a major political news show and worked hard to break both race and gender barriers in a world dominated by caucasian men. When asked about how she got her first job, she simply said,“I got my first job by exceeding expectations. This is the way it is. How do I get around it, get through it, surprise them?”

Thank you, Gwen Ifill for all that you have done in journalism and beyond.