Who Was Anne Frank?

June 16, 2019
Unknown photographer; Collectie Anne Frank Stichting Amsterdam [Public domain]
On June 12th, 1929, a girl named Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. No one knew it at the time, but she would one day become famous not for acting or singing, or for being a scientist or innovator, but for what she experienced in her short life. She was thirteen years old when she and her family had to go into hiding for fear of being captured by the Nazis and persecuted for being Jewish. This was during World War II, an extremely dark time in world history when Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany at the time, imprisoned Jewish people in concentration camps where they were abused and left to die. Anne and her family hid from the Nazis in an annex behind a bookcase for two years before they were discovered and forced to live in a concentration camp. During her time in hiding, she wrote in her diary about what was happening and how she was feeling.

Sadly, Anne didn’t live a very long life and died in the concentration camp at the age of sixteen. Years later, her father Otto Frank, the only surviving member of her family, published her diaries to give the world a firsthand glimpse into the world of a young person living in hiding during World War II. Anne Frank’s feelings, observations, and experiences resonated with people around the world, and what was once just a young girl’s diary became a symbol for what the world should never become again. Earlier this week, the world remembered Anne Frank. She would have been ninety years old.