Who Broke the Internet?

October 11, 2016

It happened on an unsuspecting Friday when all of a sudden people couldn’t access popular websites like Twitter, Net ix, Spotify, and Amazon. Oh, the horror, right?

But all kidding aside, it was a very frightening moment for the internet and what happened de nitely raised the eyebrows of many computer security experts. You see, what happened was a full- on attack on a company called Dyn, a company that is part of the backbone of the internet. Why?

Dyn takes a location on the internet like amazon.com or google.com, and translates it to something that a computer understands (an IP address or a numerical address). By doing this, people like you and I get to the website that we want.

On Friday, October 21st, someone or a group of people (no one knows who did it yet), used things like internet-connected devices like web cams to overwhelm or attack Dyn from all over the world with an extreme amount of requests to translate and match all at once. Just imagine that cartoon robot who gets overwhelmed and either shuts down or can’t keep up with all the work — that’s similar to what happened to the computers at Dyn. And since many, many websites use Dyn, the  effect of the attack was global. For now, everything is back to normal, but security experts and governments are looking into the attack and warn that it probably won’t be the last time that this happens because, well, computer hackers are smart!