Which Country Leads the Winter Olympics Medals Tally?

February 16, 2018

If you thought it was the United States, you might want to guess again. While definitely one of the top-performing teams at the Olympics, the United States trails Germany in the latest medal count! 

But there sure were some interesting moments for the medal winners from the United States.

The breakout star for Team USA so far is seventeen-year-old Chloe Kim. She earned her first gold medal in the women’s snowboard halfpipe, with a score of 93.75—way ahead of her competitors. In case you were wondering what the halfpipe is, it is a semicircular ditch or ramp that athletes perform tricks on, going side to side and above the pipe (or ramp). What are they judged on? Their scores are based on execution, how many tricks they perform, use of the pipe, and how high they go.

Fun Fact About Chloe Kim: Even though super talented at the time, she wasn’t allowed to compete in the 2014 Olympics because she was too young (she was only thirteen!).

Shaun White followed up with another gold for the United States in the men’s snowboard halfpipe.

The honor of winning the first gold medal for the United States at these Olympic Games went to Red Gerard for big air snowboarding, where athletes use air time to execute multiple tricks. The scores are based on the difficulty of tricks performed, execution, amplitude (or how wide they go), and landing. Gerard almost didn’t make it to the event because he overslept after watching too much Netflix. Just don’t go around using that excuse at home!