Where Does Boeing Store Its Airplanes?

January 6, 2020

Whether you have too many books, toys, Legos, or clothes, space can be an issue. Where do you put it all? Well, Boeing, the airplane manufacturing company, has a similar problem, only it’s much more difficult to resolve. They’re trying to figure out where to put nearly 400 Boeing Max planes! Early last year, Boeing’s favorite new aircraft and darling of the airline industry, the 737 Max, was under investigation because of two separate airplane crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Boeing 737 MAX
Copyright © Boeing

The US Federal Aviation Administration halted all 737 Max flights until investigations are complete, but meanwhile, where is Boeing storing all of those airplanes? Since the aircraft are banned from flying anywhere, the company has been storing them in parking lots and in areas of its manufacturing site. In December, Boeing said it will halt all production starting in January 2020 until the aircrafts are deemed fit to fly again.

Curious about the Boeing Max aircraft? Here are a few interesting facts:

  • Boeing purchases parts from 600 companies to produce each aircraft!
  • Boeing is the only manufacturer of jetliners in the United States.
  • The Boeing Max has a range of 6,500 kilometers, or about 4,000 miles.
  • The aircraft’s cruising speed is about 606 miles per hour!