When in Doubt … Search!

December 22, 2017
Via Pixabay

How many times have you used Google to find the answer to a question? Pretty often, we bet. It’s true—Google is one of the most popular search engines on the web. Every year, Google publishes Google Trends, a list of top searches conducted on Google sites throughout the year. Curious to know the top three searches in various categories in 2017? We are too! (And yes, we know 2017 is not over yet, but we couldn’t help but sneak a peek!)

Top Three Overall Global Searches: Hurricane Irma, iPhone 8, iPhone X
Top Three Global News Searches: Hurrican Irma, Bitcoin, Las Vegas Shooting
Top Three Movie Searches: IT movie, Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast
Top Three Sports Searches: Wimbledon, Superbowl, Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight
Top Three “How to” Searches: How to make slime, How to make solar eclipse glasses, how to buy Bitcoin

Did you search one of these terms? We know “How to make slime” was definitely on our personal list!