What’s Happening With Zoos?

August 14, 2020
SF Zoo

Haven’t been to a museum or movie theater lately? Well, you’re not alone. Many of these businesses have temporarily closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoos have also had to shut their doors temporarily, but unlike museums, zoos have to care for living things during this closure! With these temporary shutdowns, zoos across the United States have struggled to survive as ticket sales and visitor numbers have gone down to—well—zero. Why? Because zookeepers are still needed to feed, support, and provide care for the animals. So how are zoos getting creative? Some are live-streaming their animals as they roam around their habitats. Others are sharing behind-the-scenes videos of their zookeepers as they go about their daily routine. And the New York Zoo hosted a recent virtual ribbon cutting to open a new habitat for their Barn Owls. Thinking outside the box? We think so! Oh, and to keep their residents from being isolated from humans for too long, many zoos have asked employees to take lunch breaks near the animals. Now, that’s what we call an interesting group lunch outing!

Six-year-old Andy Soulard heard that her local zoo was running out of funds to care for their animals, so she did something about it! Check out her story here.

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