What Is Meat?

April 27, 2019
Via www.impossiblefoods.com

That’s the question some people might be asking the next time they step into Burger King. On April 1st, the company released a brand new burger that looks like their popular Whopper burger (a burger made with a beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, dressing, and buns), but in fact, it isn’t made of beef at all. The new burger is zero percent beef and instead comes from a protein made from soybean roots called heme that mimics both the taste and texture of an all-beef patty. Impossible, right? But it is possible, and it was made so by a company called “Impossible Foods.” Ironic, we know!

Now you might be thinking that this is a joke that we’re pulling on you here (Burger King released this news on April Fool’s Day!), but it really isn’t. Burger King is partnering up with Impossible Foods to make meat-alternative burgers. Why? It’s both a way for the company to offer vegetarians a selection on their menu, and if meat lovers can’t tell the difference, a way to curb animal cruelty and climate change (that’s fewer cattle releasing methane into the air!). For now, you’ll only be able to find the Impossible Whopper in the St. Louis area, but if all goes well, these burgers will be offered in all 7,200 Burger King restaurants in the near future.

What’s a food that has fooled you into thinking it was something else?