What Is Jeopardy?

May 11, 2019
SethAllen623 [Public domain]
James Holzhauer was determined to get on Jeopardy!, the popular TV show that quizzes contestants on general knowledge about the world via clever clues. It took Holzhauer six years to eventually get an audition, and now he’s on a record-setting winning streak. In fact, Holzhauer might just beat the record for the most wins ever (which Jeopardy! fans know was set by Ken Jennings, with seventy-four wins, in 2004). Holzhauer has currently won twenty-two games, earning him a place in the top-twelve spots of the game’s history. What do you think? Can he surpass Ken Jennings?

Holzhauer says he started watching Jeopardy! with his grandmother, and even though he loved math, he often got C’s because he skipped homework. We’re wondering how long Holzhauer can last! No matter the outcome, his story teaches us that there’s rarely such a thing as sudden stardom. We’re sure glad he persisted for six years to get on the show and was finally rewarded for his determination!