What Follows A Natural Disaster?

April 5, 2019

In the case of Mozambique, Africa, destruction and devastation after a recent cyclone didn’t stop at homes, communities, critical water supplies, and hospitals. Hundreds of people also fell ill to cholera, a potentially deadly disease that comes from bacteria in water. When the cyclone hit the country’s water supply, some people had no option but to drink contaminated water, thus causing a wave of illnesses across the country.

You might be wondering why we can’t just give the sick people medicine. After all, medicine and science have helped eliminate many illnesses and diseases. Polio, for example, is a virus-borne illness that has been controlled with vaccinations. Well, cholera can come back over and over again because the disease mainly spreads when water gets polluted. One of the most significant occurrences of a cholera outbreak was during the Haiti earthquake in 2010, when thousands of people died because sewer and water systems were destroyed. Today in Mozambique, doctors are building makeshift clinics in order to treat patients quickly.