What Does It Take?

August 16, 2016

If takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the Olympics, but did you know that it also takes a lot of hard work to get a sport into the Olympics? Many sports have tried and failed like squash, but that doesn’t stop supporters to try again and again.

This year, golf made its way back into the games after a 112 year absence and Rugby sevens made its debut. So what does it take for a sport to make it into the Olympics? A lot of money, presentations, and lobbying (or influencing the people in charge). Besides filling out the application form, the leaders and supporters of the sport have to make multiple presentations explaining why the sport will make a great addition to the games. It’s no small task! After all that is done, it’s up to the International Olympic Committee to decide whether or not the sport fits in well with the Olympics.

Is it a popular sport?

Have there been cheating in the sport?

Does it add to the idea of the Olympic spirit?

Once the committee has made its decision, an announcement is made at the Olympics for which ones will be at the next Olympics. So which sports are going to make it to the next Summer Olympics? It’ll be skateboarding, karate, sports climbing, baseball, softball, and surfing!