Were We Wrong About Cats?

October 18, 2019

Now here’s an age-old debate: dogs or cats?

We know, we know—there are die-hard dog fans and die-hard cat fans out there, and you might even be excited about both animals. But one of the most common arguments in favor of dogs is that they are friendlier to humans. They run up to you … they wag their tails at you … what’s not to love? Cats, on the other hand, aren’t exactly thought of as friendly. In fact, some argue that they don’t care about us humans at all.

Well, recent studies might show otherwise. Researchers at Oregon State University found that cats prefer interacting with a person over other activities such as eating or playing with toys. Science has always been at odds with how to evaluate cat behavior, and this is what prompted Dr. Vitale, the lead author of the study, to test if cats are attached to their owners.

How do they even perform such studies? By recruiting cats and kittens, of course. The researchers tested how cats left in an empty room reacted when their owners returned. More than sixty percent of the cats returned to their owners before continuing to explore the room. This, by the way, is similar to how human babies and dogs react to their parents and owners.

Dr. Vitale plans to keep learning more about cats, but for now, cat lovers will be happy to know that the idea of cats not being as bonded to humans as dogs are is probably just a myth!

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