We’re Open For Business

October 12, 2018

Do your parents go to a store to buy toys or do they buy them online? If we asked this question twenty years ago, the answer would most likely be that they go to stores to buy toys. But over the last ten years, customers (that’s us!) have been buying more and more things online. From toys to groceries and everything in between—if you want it, there’s a way of getting it online. That’s why many retail brick and mortar (or physical) stores like Toys R’ Us have shut their doors. But it seems like some online stores are doing the complete opposite and opening up physical stores. Take Amazon for example—they recently opened up a store in New York City called Amazon 4-Star. Unlike traditional retail stores, Amazon 4-Star sells only items that are top-rated (that’s four or more stars, get it?) and trending items. Looking for a “Most Wished For” or “Frequently Bought Together” item? Look no further because you’ll find these items, as well as other Amazon products, at the store. If you’re hoping to buy a specific pencil or book, you’re probably better off going to a traditional stationery store or bookstore.

Which other online companies have opened up physical locations? A specialty luggage company called AWAY, a women’s shoe company called Rothy’s, and a clothing company called Everlane have all opened up physical stores. Interesting, right?

Why do you think online stores have decided to open physical stores when many retail stores have shut down?