We’re Not Taking Your Garbage!

May 31, 2019

We’re continuing to talk about garbage here at Xyza because it’s a stinky but important topic. A few months ago, we shared some interesting news: China would no longer be taking plastic waste from countries around the world. It was big news because many countries depend on China to successfully execute their recycling program. A country’s plastic waste would be shipped to China, and China would then turn this waste into manufacturing goods. It was a win-win relationship! Well, earlier this year, China decided that it would ban certain plastics and enforced stricter rules for the type of plastic they’d accept. They, after all, wanted to focus more on other growing industries and less on the business of recycling the world’s plastic waste. Now other countries are also pushing back on the type of waste they’ll accept. Recently, Malaysia announced that they’ll be returning large containers of mislabeled plastics to the countries that shipped them. Who wants another country’s garbage anyway, right? We certainly wouldn’t! So, now what? Malaysia has asked countries to better manage their recycling and to stop sending garbage to them.