Will They Or Won’t They?

November 30, 2018
via Pixabay

Remember when the people of the United Kingdom voted on whether they should stay or leave the European Union (EU)? Seemed like so long ago, right? Well, the exact date was June 23rd, 2016. So, why hasn’t the exit actually happened yet? Well, exiting the EU isn’t that simple—there are a lot of things to consider, like what kind of relationship the UK will have with the EU moving forward, what trade will look like with the union, and what role the UK will play in trade agreements with other continents—not to mention that the UK is the first country to ever leave the EU. Complicated, we know! There have been some major hiccups and disagreements since that history-making vote (it’s hard enough to get two leaders to agree, let alone 650 Members of Parliament (MPs), right?), but it looks like things are finally (*crossing fingers*) moving forward. This week, after twenty months of negotiations, the twenty-seven members of the EU approved Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan. Hey, no one ever said saying goodbye would be easy, but it looks like the EU is finally saying “we’re okay with your plan for saying goodbye” … that is, if the UK Parliament approves the deal. All this back and forth making you a bit dizzy? Sure, but the final steps to an actual Brexit might just happen; we’ll know on December 11th when the UK Parliament puts the plan to a vote. Prime Minister May has two weeks to convince her MPs that her plan is the best for the people of the UK. In front of Parliament earlier this week, Prime Minister May said, “I believe that it is important that when people come to that vote, they consider the interests of this country, they consider the interests of their constituents, and they consider the importance of delivering on Brexit …” Will she be able to convince her MPs? We’ll know in less than two weeks!

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