We Have A Vaccine! What’s Next?

December 4, 2020
via Pixabay

Making a vaccine isn’t an easy process, as we noted here, but if there’s one stage that gets followers excited, it’s when the vaccine is tested for how well it works. Two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, released the results of their vaccine trials. The good news? Both of the developed vaccines were around 95 percent effective, which means they did well in preventing mild-to-severe forms of COVID-19. Next step? To apply for authorization, for one. Then, make the vaccines available to people.

The news was received with jubilation and excitement, and why not? If it’s approved, the vaccine development will have broken records, because it took just under a year to create. The next challenge? Deciding who gets the vaccine first, since there might not be enough for every single person. Should senior citizens and healthcare workers be first in line to receive it?

Another complicated problem to figure out is how the vaccine gets distributed. Pfizer’s vaccine, for example, will need to be stored at minus ninety-four degrees Fahrenheit, but a commercial fridge can only go down to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit. For now, experts, doctors, and the general public are keeping their fingers crossed in hope that the vaccine is authorized as an important first step! The United Kingdom has already approved Pfizer’s vaccine and the United States is looking to do the same very soon.