We Are Women … Hear us Roar!

January 27, 2018

They came, they marched, and once again women (and men too!) from around the world united to make their voices heard on the one year anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington. What were they so loudly and passionately coming together for? People marched for all kinds of reasons: to protest the current Trump administration; promote women’s rights, equality, and diversity; raise awareness about the environment; and much more. Although it’s still too early to tell how many people came out to the over 200 organized marches around the world this year, experts are estimating around a million. In case you’re wondering what a million people look like, just imagine if everyone living in the country of Iceland came out to protest, and then multiply that by three. Yeah, that’s a lot of people!

But what can a protest actually achieve? How about more women running for office and winning. How about getting more women to register to vote? How about sending a message that lots and lots of women are going to fight for their rights and create change? It may not seem immediately apparent, but it’s happening because good things come to those who wait, and boy have women been patient.

How will you change the world and march forward?