Volkswagen Pays for Cheating

July 11, 2016

Do you know the saying, “Cheaters never win and winners never cheat?” Well that’s one saying that Volkswagen, a German carmaker, won’t soon forget! Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency (a government group that helps protect the environment) discovered that Volkswagen had been cheating on their emission tests  (tests that figure out how much pollution acar puts into the air).  Volkswagen got into a lot of trouble for doing this, and made a lot of people very angry. So what’s their punishment for cheating and how they attempted to say sorry?  In the U.S. alone, they’ll be spending about $15 billion dollars to either buy back or x all of the cars that were affected by the cheating. Yep, we’d have to agree, cheaters never win.

Update August 2016:

  • Further investigations revealed that the executives at Volkswagen knew about the emissions test cheating.