Venezuela Votes

August 26, 2017


By Voice of America –, Public Domain,

What happens when someone asks you to vote for something that you had no problem with in the first place? On July 30th, the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro asked the people of Venezuela to vote for or against a National Constituent Assembly, or a group of people he would choose to rewrite the Venezuela constitution. Valid question, right? Well, not so fast. President Maduro had asked for the people to vote on something
that they didn’t even want. As a form of protest, millions of registered voters decided not to vote—after all, why vote for or against something that they never even wanted in the first place, right? But the president pressed onward and the election took place as planned. When the votes were counted, President Maduro’s party claimed that over 8 million people voted for the constituent assembly, while the opposition (or those against President Maduro and his party) claimed that only about 2-3 million people actually voted. Needless to say, there were differing opinions on the actual results of the election. Since the election, street protests have been loud and oftentimes violent. Those opposing President Maduro think that the president is trying to grab more power, while those who support the president think that the opposition is trying to stage a coup, or a takeover of the government.


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