Using Star Power to Create Change

January 11, 2018

It’s awards season in the United States, and that means that millions of folks around the world are glued to their TVs to watch the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s finest receive their awards and give their acceptance speeches. Stars will also walk the red carpet, talk about what they’re wearing, why they’re there, and of course about all kinds of other things to keep the red carpet chit chat light and fun. All of this is what makes awards shows … well … awards shows. But this year’s Golden Globes Awards seemed different. Instead of a colorful array of beautiful designer dresses, most of those attending wore black gowns decorated with a simple pin that read “Times Up.”

Why? The actors were sending a message: It is not okay for Hollywood and the world to ignore issues of harassment—not now, and never again. Celebrities accepted their awards and used their time at the podium to thank their loved ones, but like Oprah Winfrey, who received a lifetime achievement award, they also talked about sexual harassment in Hollywood and around the world. Using star power to create change and inspire others to do the same? You go, Hollywood!