Update: Scooters Are Scooting Out Of SF For Now …

June 9, 2018

They just showed up one day, and now they’re gone. Yep, just like that, those upright electric scooters that provided a great new way of getting around San Francisco—or caused havoc and littered the city, depending on which side you’re on—are gone … for now. The city of San Francisco has asked the three companies responsible for these scooters, Bird, Lime, and Spin, to cease all operations until they receive the proper permits to operate in the city. To get a permit, these companies will have to show how they’re going to keep their scooters off of sidewalks. Permit applications will be reviewed in the next few weeks, so scooters might just be showing up one random day again.

Are these standup electric scooters a help or a nuisance, and what would you propose the scooter companies do to keep these rides off of sidewalks?