Update: No Cake For You?

June 9, 2018

Xyza shared a news story not so long ago about a wedding cake and the idea of religious freedom. If you’re wondering how they’re connected, read the whole story here, but as a refresher, the news story involved a baker who refused to make a wedding cake because he did not support same-sex marriage. The baker claimed that since his religion of Christianity doesn’t recognize gay marriage, he would be going against his religion by baking the cake.

The couple filed a lawsuit against the baker, stating that the baker was discriminating against some customers. The case was important for the groups working on LGBTQ rights as well as for those working to preserve their religious freedom. Well, the Supreme Court ruling finally arrived this week, and it was in favor of the baker.

So wait … did the judges think that the baker should refuse baking cakes for other gay couples? Not really. According to the judges, the ruling was based on how the state treated the baker. While this case was in court, other bakers could choose not to bake cakes for gay couples. However, in this particular case, the judges felt the state was being hostile to just this one baker. Only two out of the nine Supreme Court judges dissented (or disagreed) with the verdict.

While LGBTQ rights activists were disappointed, religious freedom activists rejoiced. “Today’s decision means our fight against discrimination and unfair treatment will continue,” the couple said in a joint statement. As for the baker, he said, “The Supreme Court affirmed that the government must respect my religious beliefs about marriage … ”

Do you think the Supreme Court made the right decision?