Update: Flint’s Water Situation

June 23, 2019

In 2016, the residents of Flint, Michigan, found that the water coming out of their faucets was contaminated with lead which caused people to get sick. How did something like this happen, you might be wondering? It was a series of events, involving using a different water source to save money, failing to put in a solution to avoid corroding pipes, and reassuring Flint residents that their tap water was safe to use and drink, but in reality, it was not. In fact, the water that was being funneled into the homes of Flint residents was contaminated from the corroding pipes that was bringing it to them!

So did the people accused of being responsible for this disaster ultimately get punished? After almost four years of investigations the people of Flint finally got an answer, but it definitely wasn’t an answer that they were expecting. Last week, the prosecutors of the case dropped all charges against the government officials who were accused of being responsible for the Flint water crisis.

Why? No one knows for certain except for the prosecutors, but some speculate that the evidence collected in the investigation that was conducted three years ago was not strong enough, and therefore would not have helped them win the case. By dropping all the charges, a fresh set of lawsuits could be filed against these government officials. This would then allow a new investigation to begin.

How did this outcome make the people of Flint feel? Deeply unsatisfied, of course. Residents are frustrated with the delay in justice—and rightfully so!—but Attorney General Dana Nessel said, “Justice delayed is not always justice denied.”

Have you had to wait an incredibly long time for something? Did the wait frustrate you?