The UK Gives Fossil Fuel The Boot!

April 3, 2020
via Pixabay

The United Kingdom is putting its foot down and setting an ambitious deadline for carmakers: By 2035, carmakers will no longer be allowed to sell cars that run on diesel or petrol (gas)—that’s five years earlier than the original proposal. What does that mean for carmakers? This new deadline is forcing carmakers to shift their manufacturing efforts to electric vehicles only. While many carmakers are already producing electric and hybrid vehicles, this new deadline is forcing car manufacturers to make all of their cars electric at a much faster pace.

Although this may be welcome news for some, it isn’t for others. Why? The expedited deadline is welcome news because … well … no more diesel or gas-powered cars spewing pollutants into the air means a much healthier planet. On the other hand, while carmakers aren’t against a healthier planet, it’s the timeframe for getting there that’s making them upset. One major concern? They don’t see how this new deadline can be met without the proper infrastructure in place. After all, electric cars need charging stations. What if there are many more electric cars on the road and not enough charging stations to keep them running?

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