A New Spelling Bee Champ!

June 1, 2018

It wasn’t a battle between siblings for the title of National Scripps Spelling Bee champion, but one between two Collin County, Texas residents Naysa Modi and Karthik Nemmani. So, who ultimately took home the title of Spelling Bee champ, $40,000 in cash, encyclopedias, and more? It was Karthik, an eighth-grader who had never competed in a National Scripps Spelling Bee before! What was the winning word?  “Koinonia,” a Greek word meaning “communion.” Way to go, Karthik!

Twinning At The Spelling Bee

For the first time in its nearly one-hundred-year history, the National Scripps Spelling Bee will see siblings competing in the finals! The contest, which up until now did not allow siblings (one sibling presumably beats the other in local spelling bee contests), has changed its rule. Now based on the points system, the spelling bee permits siblings to compete in the national finals. This year, there will be two sets of twins in the finals, which consists of 518 contestants. The competition will take place from May 29th to May 31st and is expected to draw more than a million TV viewers!