Trends Of 2019

December 30, 2019

Believe it or not, 2019 is coming to a close. Sad, we know! But before we officially say farewell, we’re sharing some trends that emerged throughout the year. Ready? Here we go!

Open That Toy!

via Pixabay

There may be trending toys every year, but this year it wasn’t so much the toys themselves that were the trend, but the people opening them. According to popular social media site YouTube, some of the most-watched videos of 2019 are kids unpacking toys and offering their honest opinion of what makes them awesome or not so much. While parents may cringe at these popular video, it looks like these social media influencers offer two things in one: information and entertainment, and young viewers are all for that!


If Pokémon Go brought augmented reality (AR) to the masses in 2016-2017, Beat Saber did it for virtual reality (VR) this year. Players put on VR headsets and held touch controllers and happily slashed to the beat of heart-pumping music.

Scrunchies Made A Roaring Comeback

Scrunchies began their epic return in 2018, but they exploded back into the fashion scene in 2019 when young Hollywood celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande started sporting them. And why not make a comeback? They’re soft, don’t pull on hair, and add flair to any outfit, wouldn’t you agree?

Customize It

Over 200 emojis were added to the official list of emojis this year, so yes, they still reign supreme in the texting and chatting worlds. However, despite the Unicode Consortium’s efforts toward making emojis more inclusive by approving emojis that represent different people, no one emoji looks exactly like the user. Enter technology company Apple. This year, Apple introduced the Memoji—that’s an emoji that users can customize to look just like them. Sweet, right?

Sandwich Wars

Chickens may not be the most exotic of animals, but franchise fast food restaurants went to war over them! That’s right! This year was all about fighting to win the title of best chicken sandwich there ever was. Who won? Depends on who you ask. Cluck! Cluck!

Eating Meat That’s Not Meat

From fish that’s not really fish to red meat that’s not really meat, people gobbled up plant-based and soy-based meat alternatives from companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Save the planet and be a little healthier while doing it? Yeah, we’d say that was pretty trendy in 2019.

Robots At Your Service

If robots weren’t trending before, they definitely are now. Robot dogs are being used at construction sites, MIT students are working on perfecting a robot cheetah that can flip backwards and climb stairs, and volunteer robots will make their debut at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics!