Traveling (on) Light

July 11, 2016

It all began in 2015 when pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out to fly around the world in their solar-powered aircraft, the Solar Impulse 2. The goal wasn’t to break records (which they did!), but to show the world what clean technologies (like solar-powered airplanes) can do. And boy have they done just that! Since their journey began in Abu Dhabi in March of 2015, Bertrand and André have been traveling around the world on, you guessed it: sun power! The 17,000 solar cells attached to the wings of the Solar Impulse 2 collected energy from the sun to help power the engines, allowing them to fly around the world without using jet fuel.

On July 11th, Bertrand and André set out to complete the 16th or second to last leg of their journey around the world — a flight from Seville, Spain to Cairo, Egypt. The trip was expected to take over 50 hours to complete or approximately two days. They landed in Cairo on July 13th, but not before flying over one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Egyptian pyramids. Now, how cool is that?

Bertrand and André only has one more leg to y before they prove that you can y around the world without polluting it. Good luck, guys!

Update August 2016:

  • Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg made it around the world in their solar- powered airplane, the Solar Impulse 2, proving that clean technology can do a lot!