Tom Hanks: An Interview

November 3, 2017

Junior Reporter Anna T. had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by our friends at City Arts & Lectures where actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks talked about his new book, “Common Type” and shared how he thought drama was more of a hobby than a profession.  Go figure!

Tom Hanks: An Interview
By Anna T.

On October 24, 2017 Tom Hanks was interviewed at The Nourse
Theater by Dave Eggers. The purpose of this interview was to promote Mr. Hanks new book, Uncommon Type. Uncommon Type is a series of fictional stories that are based upon some events in Mr. Hanks life. Mr. Hanks said that some of the stories are based upon becoming more self-dependent and persevering, as well as feeling melancholy and nostalgic at the same time. Mr. Hanks was asked a variety of questions ranging from his past life(s) and about his opinion on the political insights of today. Mr. Hanks comes across as a funny, good-natured, gentle man that is also both humble and wise.

Tom Hanks was born on July 9th, 1956 in Concord, California. He
went to Skyline High school and Chabot College in Oakland, and
studied drama and theatre.

“I was the big man on campus because all of my parents had split
up…” says Mr. Hanks. But later he goes on to describe how he went to plays
alone, because none of his friends were interested in that sort of stuff. Mr.
Hanks didn’t consider Drama an actual profession in High school, he just
thought it was like a hobby.

Tom Hanks has been in many movies like Big, Splash, Forrest Gump,
Sully, Catch Me If You Can, Apollo 13, and voiced Woody from Toy Story.
These are just some of the phenomenal films that Mr. Hanks has starred in.
When Mr. Hanks was a little boy, he thought that films had to be exactly like
the novels, or they weren’t considered good. He later learned that the novels
can be nothing like the screenplays, the screenplays can be nothing like the
movies, and the final movie can be nothing like the novel. For a movie you
have to be able to understand and assemble a character’s traits and qualities.

Dave Eggers interviews Tom Hanks at The Nourse Theater

In the movie Apollo 13 Mr. Hanks really started to think more about space, like he had done when he was a child. It was a fascinating concept to him, and Mr. Hanks thought that when man stepped on the moon, we could do anything we wanted to. The idea of space to him isn’t morbid and frightening like it is to some people. It is about all the learning you can do about the place, its qualities, and how it thrives. It is about learning that you aren’t the center of the world and the world doesn’t revolve around you, but you are still precious and special.

“By realizing how tiny you are, you are realizing how special and
unique you are,” said Hanks.