Three Museums and a Library

November 23, 2017

At Xyza, we love tracking new museums and libraries. Here are a few that caught our attention recently:

1) London’s The Natural History Museum: Dubbed nature’s nastiest beasts, venomous species ranging from spiders to the cute Loris from Asia, are on display this month as part of the museum’s Venom: Killer and Cure exhibition. Fun fact: More than 200,000 venomous species live on planet Earth! (Actually, those are only the ones that have been discovered so far.) There is a section of the museum that is entirely dedicated to hearing from those who have survived attacks from these creatures. Shudder!

2) The Louvre: Located in Paris, France, The Louvre is one of the must-see attractions for visitors from all over the world. Well, ten years ago, The Louvre agreed to loan its name to a museum being built in the United Arab Emirates, and that museum just opened this month. While The Louvre in Paris focuses on European art and culture, The Louvre in Abu Dhabi will focus on showcasing art from all over the world. Even the building itself is an architectural masterpiece, with almost 8,000 aluminum stars making up each dome of the building and a marina of its own for those who visit by private yacht!

3) Museum of the Bible: Opening this month in Washington, DC, this museum will focus on a single book: the Bible. Visitors will learn about the development of the Bible and will be able to walk through interactive exhibits to experience different time periods. The museum illustrates the connection between the Bible, which is sacred to Christianity, and other religions such as Judaism and Islam.

4) Tianjin Binhai Library: Imagine 1.2 million books in a single library—sounds impressive, doesn’t it? It sure is, and so is the building that houses all of these books. The Tianjin Binhai Library, which opened last month in China, is meant to resemble a 3D eyeball. That’s right! With terraced shelves, hidden reading rooms, curved walls, and an imitation cozy living room of 362,744 square feet, this library is an impressive piece of architecture. And yes, we wondered if this library held the largest collection of books in the world. Well, not quite. The library of Congress in Washington, DC, wins that prize with a collection of … wait for it … 10 million books. Read on!