They’ve Got Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

January 19, 2018

For those who love anime, there’s Comic-Con. For those who love gadgets, gizmos, and technology, there’s the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). For over fifty years, the Consumer Technology Association has hosted CES, a gathering place for the latest and greatest innovations in consumer technology. This year, more than 170,000 people from 150 countries flocked to Las Vegas, Nevada, to see what’s new in the world of tech. There were the usual suspects, like bigger, better, and brighter TVs and even thinner laptops, but there were also some pretty unique gadgets too. Here are five that we thought were pretty neat:

via @Kohler

1) Your Toilet Can Do It
From a seat and foot warmer (we can’t forget those cold bathroom floors, now can we?) to cool lighting and music while you do your business, there are now toilets that know exactly what you need, when you need it.

2) Lost in Translation … Not Anymore
If you’re ever in a different country and don’t speak the language, don’t worry. There are now earbuds that will help translate any language in real time. Now that’s what we call global communications.

By Facontidavide at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
3) Robots, Robots, Robots, Everywhere!
Love a dog, but don’t want to clean up after it? You don’t have to with a robot dog! How about a robot to challenge you to a game of chess or a ping pong match? Tired of cleaning your room? Your robot can do that for you. You name it, and most likely there’s a company out there who’s working on a robot to do it for you.

via @ForwardX

4) Don’t Be a Drag
No more dragging your suitcase around the airport because the self-rolling suitcase has arrived.

5) Smart Shower
Gone are the days when you have to warm up your shower—smart showers are here now. Just ask Alexa to turn on your shower at exactly the right temperature and hop right in—no warming up necessary.