Then & Now: Shamu

January 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: Last year, SeaWorld announced that after 60 years of orcas (or killer whales) flying into the air and splashing happy families in the “Soak Zone,” they would be closing down the show. Although no specific reason was given, SeaWorld has been accused of abusing their orcas (keeping them in small and unnatural spaces) in recent years. As a result some orcas have gotten very sick, and in some cases, turned against their trainers.

NOW WHAT: Earlier this month, the orcas at SeaWorld San Diego took their final curtain call and ended a show that has been a part of the park’s experience since 1966. But don’t worry, the orcas aren’t going anywhere. Instead, SeaWorld will be building new orca encounters for visitors to enjoy. Until then, visitors can learn more about these amazing whales at the underwater viewing area pool with daily “killer whale presentations.”