Then & Now: It’s Not That King’s Torso…

April 17, 2017

WHAT HAPPENED: In March, a torso, head, and ear of a statue were unearthed in Cairo, Egypt. Given the size of the statue (just the torso itself weighed over three tons!), archaeologists believed that the statue was that of Ramses II.

NOW WHAT: After examining the statue more carefully, archaeologists now believe that the statue is actually that of Psamtek I, an Egyptian Pharaoh that ruled 600 years after Ramses I. How are they more certain that the statue is of Psamtek I instead of Ramses I? It’s in the writing! Hieroglyphs (or a language written out in pictures and/or symbols) were found on the back pillars of one of the pieces. These hieroglyphs are those found in the Psamtek era. Does size really matter?

Interesting Fact: A number of discoveries have been made in Egypt in the last few months. In addition to this statue, several mummies, sarcophagi (or colorful stone coffins), and more than 1,000 small carved gurines were discovered.