The Sky’s The Limit

September 19, 2019
Photo Credit: Piero Capannini via www.worldskate.org

What can young people do? It’s actually a silly question because here at Xyza, we think that age is just a number and that anyone can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it! Case in point? Eleven-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown. In April, she beat 140 of the United Kingdom’s best skateboarders to win gold at the United Kingdom Skateboard Championships, and earlier this month, she clinched third place in the World Park Skateboarding Championships. Incredible achievements if you ask us, but she isn’t done yet. What’s her next goal? To get to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Her recent wins mean that she now has enough points to compete in the Olympic qualifiers. If she qualifies, she’ll be the youngest athlete to ever compete in the Olympics, and perhaps she’ll medal in a sport that will be making its debut in the Olympic Games. How awesome would that be? Good luck, Sky! We’re rooting for you!