The Girl Scouts Ask A Judge To Decide

November 9, 2018

Remember back in May when we shared the story about the Boy Scouts changing their name to Scouts BSA because they wanted to open up their organization to girls? And remember how the Girl Scouts had a problem with that? After all, girls who wanted to join an organization such as the Girl Scouts might be lured away to join Scouts BSA instead. Well, it looks like the Girl Scouts have a bigger beef with Scouts BSA and are now taking them to court! Yep, the Girl Scouts are claiming that when the Boy Scouts changed their name to Scouts BSA, they caused a lot of confusion—so much so, that some people didn’t believe that the Girl Scouts still existed, and others thought that the two organizations had merged. Furthermore, the Girl Scouts claim that Scouts BSA had no right to use the words Scouts or Scouting in their name because those words are part of their trademark. Who will win this fight? We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime … to clear things up … the Girl Scouts still exist, and Scouts BSA are open to girls and boys.

If you were the judge of this case, would you rule in favor of or against the Girl Scouts? Why?