The Flash Would Be Impressed!

August 17, 2018

Remember Alex Honnold? He’s the guy who free climbed (climbing with nothing more than a pair of grippy shoes and some chalk to keep hands dry) El Capitan last year in record-breaking time. That record-breaking time was three hours and fifty-six minutes. Fast, right? It’s an impressive climbing time for any big rock, but it was even more impressive because it was done on El Capitan, one of the most revered rocks in the world of rock climbing at an intimidating 3,000 feet straight up! Recently, Mr. Honnold went back to conquer El Capitan, but this time with long-time climbing partner Tommy Caldwell, along with ropes and other climbing equipment. What happened? They broke another record. This time they climbed the mountain in less than two hours. The last record was held by Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds at just over two hours and nineteen minutes. Mr. Honnold and Mr. Caldwell climbed the rock in just under two hours—one hour and fifty-seven minutes, to be exact. Speedy? We think so!